Since DAEMON Tools Lite 5, new device management system is introduced. Now, you don't need to create a virtual device before mounting. All you need to do is to mount any image you like, and the device will be created automatically.

While mounting common images, DAEMON Tools Lite adds new DT virtual device. If you want an image to be mounted to SCSI or IDE virtual device, choose the relevant option from its contextual menu or from the sidebar.

Note that SCSI and IDE functionality is limited in Windows 10.

While mounting VHD, VMDK or TrueCrypt images, HDD virtual device will be created.

Free version of DAEMON Tools Lite allows you to use only 4 devices simultaneously. If you want to maximize the number of drives, unlock Unlimited Devices feature.

By default, all images are mounted to the new device. If you do not want the new drive to be created, you can choose Mount to existing virtual drive option from the General tab of Preferences.

Each emulated device has its contextual menu, from which you can unmount it or get access to the device parameters:

Device Management

Using Device Parameters window, you can view and adjust some options, including the source of an image, mount point, DVD region and more.

Device Management