DAEMON Tools Lite 10 includes two types of features: basic and advanced. The basic functionality is familiar to the users of program’s previous versions and is available for free. The advanced functionality consists of several groups which can be purchased separately.

DAEMON Tools Lite basic functionality

Using the free version of DAEMON Tools Lite 10, you can:

  • Mount various types of images;
  • Grab images from physical discs;
  • Emulate up to 4 DT, HDD or SCSI (with SPTD driver) devices;

Note, that starting with Windows 10 version 1903 we stop supporting the SPTD driver. Follow the link to know more.

  • Compress and protect custom images with password;
  • Scan your PC to fill brand-new Images catalog.
  • Share files between Lite apps in the local network via Catch!
  • Advanced Mount feature lets you adjust the mounting point, attach virtual devices to the physical ones and emulate up to 4 IDE devices.

Additional features of DAEMON Tools Lite 10

DAEMON Tools Lite 10 includes lots of additional features for professional users. All of them are divided into several groups which can be purchased separately. So you can buy only the feature you actually need or do not buy anything if the basic functionality is enough for you. Also, all features can be bought together with a discount.

The groups of features available in DAEMON Tools Lite 10:

  • Image Editor allows you to convert and create images from files and folders.
  • Virtual HDD group includes Add a VHD, Add a RAM disk and Add a TrueCrypt file features.
  • Disc Burn can be used to copy, erase and burn different types of discs.
  • Bootable USB group allows you to write a bootable image to a flash drive, protect the private data on a USB stick, grab or format a USB drive.
  • Writable Virtual Device is needed to emulate the burning process from DAEMON Tools Lite or any other application.
  • iSCSI Initiator allows you to connect to remote iSCSI Targets and work with shared images, VHDs, physical optical drives and USB devices.
  • Unlimited Devices feature allows you to use more than 4 virtual devices simultaneously (256 DT and HDD, 32 SCSI and 4 IDE).
  • Windows Integration allows using DAEMON Tools Lite features right from Explorer
  • Browse shared folders and mobile devices with Catch!.

Pay for what you really need. Go to the cart to choose the features you like or to get all of them at half price.

Some features have a trial period, so you are welcomed to evaluate them before buying. To start the trial, visit License page. To find out the detailed instructions, go to the Activation article.