iSCSI is an interface that allows connecting to different virtual and physical devices via Internet or local network. Using iSCSI tab in DAEMON Tools Lite, you can get access not only to the devices on your PC but also to any remote devices shared on different iSCSI servers.

iSCSI Initiator is a paid feature with a trial period. To get to know how to try or activate it, go to the Activation article.

To use remote devices, you need to perform several easy steps:

  • Go to the Images tab and then to iSCSI tab.
  • Click Add server icon or choose the relevant option from the contextual menu.

iSCSI Initiator

  • Choose the name of the server or its IP address. Leave the default 3260 port if it hasn't been changed on the server. Use Browse... button to choose the available server from the list. Click OK.

iSCSI Initiator

  • After the server is added, you can see its name and the connection status. Double-click on the server to open the list of available targets. Each target has its contextual menu:

iSCSI Initiator

  • Connect option gives you access to the device. If you are connected to the target, this option will change to Disconnect. Also you can connect to target by double-clicking on it. If the connection is established, you can use this remote device like the local one.
  • Properties option shows short information about target.
  • Export settings options saves the information about target on your hard drive.
  • Refresh option checks the availability of the remote target.

To remove iSCSI server from iSCSI tab, go to the contextual menu of the server and choose Remove option.