Disc Burn group includes the features to write data, audio files and images to physical discs. Unlocking this group, you are getting the following list of features:

Disc Burn

  • Burn an Image: allows you to transform a virtual disc to a physical one.
  • Burn a Data Disс: allows you to burn files and folders.
  • Burn an Audio CD: allows you to burn audio files.
  • Copy a Disc: allows you to create a copy of the inserted disc on-the-fly.
  • Erase a Disc: allows you to erase a rewritable disc quickly or fully in order to use it again.

To unlock Disc Burn group, go to the License page, choose Burn tab and click Buy button. You will be redirected to the DAEMON Tools shop where you can choose the features you want to buy.

To burn an image, a data disc, an audio CD or to copy and erase discs, click Burn option in the sidebar, or in the main window, and choose the relevant feature from the catalog of wizards.