Starting with DAEMON Tools Lite 10.7 you can exchange files among the PCs that are in the same local network. Meet the new Basic feature — Catch!.

After the DAEMON Tools Lite 10.8 release, Catch! for Android appeared in Play Market, and Catch! for iOS in App Store respectively. This is a great solution for sharing files between devices in the local wireless network.

Make sure that DTAgent.exe is launched. Otherwise, you will not receive any notifications about incoming files.

Since DAEMON Tools Lite 10.11, you can browse files from your Android, iOS devices and other DAEMON Tools apps in local wireless network. This feature is a part of a paid Catch! group.

After DAEMON Tools Lite 10.14 release, you can stream videos from your PC, iOS, Android devices that have DAEMON Tools Lite or Catch! client installed to Android TV with Catch! TV.

Starting with DAEMON Tools Lite 10.12, you can create Backup Tasks for Android devices that have Catch! installed. This feature is a part of paid Catch! group.

Find out more about working with the list of Backup tasks.