DAEMON Tools Gadget

DAEMON Tools Gadget is a compact tool for Windows Vista and Windows 7 that allow to access main DAEMON Tools features directly from the desktop. Supporting standard commands it can be managed as standard windows gadget.
Standard gadget controls
screen 1
1. To close DAEMON Tools Gadget click on standard 'Close' button (1).
2. 'Options' button (2) opens gadget skins menu.
Gadget skins menu
screen 2
You can choose gadget appearance with 'Previous' (1) and 'Next' (2) buttons in gadget skins menu.
DAEMON Tools Gadget controls
screen 3
1. Displays main gadget tab (current tab).
2. Displays Help tab.
3. Displays News tab.
4. Virtual device.
5. Virtual device letter and mounted image disc name.
6. Displays 'Open' dialog to select image file to mount.
7. Opens Device Parametrs dialog.
8. Unmounts an image from the virtual device.
9. Removes virtual device.
10. Opens DAEMON Tools Lite main window.
11. Opens Disc Imaging dialog to create and save disc image file.
13. Unmounts all images from all virtual devices.
Help tab
screen 4
1. Link to DAEMON Tools Home page.
2. Link to feedback form.
3. Link to this help page.
News tab
screen 5
1. News tab opens gadget window with daemon-tools.cc news listed (1).
2. News can be updated, marked as read or unread and deleted by managing buttons (2).
3. By default news are updated automatically, to disable auto mode uncheck 'Auto update' (3).
Multiple devices expanded
screen 6
1. DAEMON Tools Gadget can display up to four virtual devices. See screen for two devices displayed (1 and 2).
2. Icon of device with image mounted (1) differs from empty device icon (2).
3. Gadget appearance style (with several devices) can be switched by 'Expand/Reduce' button (3).
Multiple devices reduced
screen 7
In reduced mode navigation buttons can be used to select devices. Counter shows [current device number]/[devices available]. See screen for the first device of two available devices displayed (1/2).